[Orca-users] Adding web log monitoring after the fact

Bruce Atherton bruce at callenish.com
Tue Apr 1 12:20:23 PST 2003

When I initially installed Orca, I did not include support for monitoring 
the Apache log files because Cronolog was creating them in directories 
specified by date. Since then, though, my Cronolog has been reconfigured to 
leave a symbolic link to the latest log file in a standard place. This lets 
me turn on the web log monitoring in orcallator.

What do I have to do to get that working without losing my old data? If I 
change the "start_orcallator" script to define "WEB_LOG" and "WATCH_WEB", 
the columns header line will change, right? Will the orca script (on 
another machine) be smart enough to create the RRDs automatically? Will the 
new column headings line keep it from logging data to the wrong place? Is 
there anything else I need to do to get this working cleanly?

Apologies if this is a FAQ. I couldn't find a clear answer in any of my 

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