[Orca-users] sun clister 3 and orcallator.se

Dave Bruce djb at ragnarok.net
Tue Apr 8 08:11:26 PDT 2003

Hello all,
  I saw that someone else was having trouble with sun cluster and running
orcallator. I've just installed orca on a two node active active cluster and am
experiencing the exact same seg fault:

(follows is the output of se -d with orcallator.se-1.37)

ul = nkp[0].ks_next<4321690288>
struct_fill(nkp[0](STRUCTURE), ul<4321690288>)
if (nkp[0].ks_type<1> == <3>)
ul = nkp[0].ks_next<0>
if (RAW_disk_map<1> == <1>)
strcpy(first_name<>, GLOBAL_disk_info[0].short_name<(nil)>)

(this is running on a suncluster 3 install running sol8 with kernel rev -13 on
an E4500).

Anyone been able to reproduce this or come up with a fix for it?

Thanks in advance,


Dave Bruce
Unix System Administrator

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