[Orca-users] throttling uncompresses

mtb mtb at nac.net
Tue Apr 8 11:19:55 PDT 2003

We have around 20 seperate orca servers running concurrently on the same server.  Are there adjustable limits on how many uncompresses are forked off by each process?  The problem is that we are seeing hundreds and hundreds of them running at the same time which at times has a severe impact on the servers performance.

Also, another question.  If host data is removed after it's processed, do the rrd's and html's get removed as well?  Or do they hang around unless manually removed?  And say that there are gaps in the data... a few days missing here and there.  If the data files eventually do get dropped in at a later date, does orca know how to handle it, or do they have to be added in succession?


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