[Orca-users] Purge Old Data

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sat Apr 12 10:31:20 PDT 2003

"Hackett, Peter" wrote:
> Is there a way to purge old data out for a particular monitored server?
> I was monitoring a server then temporarily added a couple temporary file
> systems, then removed them a bit later, however there are the remnants of
> them within orca I'd like removed.
> Using Orca-2.264

Hi Pete,

There's no easy way to do so.

Probably the easiest is to go into the raw data files that orcallator.se
saves and edit the column headers to put an 'x' or some other character
in the strings that mention the filesystems you want to ignore.

Then delete the RRD files for that server and rerun Orca.


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