[Orca-users] Time axis is damaged

Paul Richards p.richards at gmx.net
Wed Apr 23 06:24:32 PDT 2003

All my graphs are messed up. Symptoms are:
The time axis shows only 06:00 12:00 18:00 06:00 12:00 - which covers about half the width.
The vertical gridlines stop at about 12:20 (at this moment its 14:18)
This affects all graphs on both hosts (displayed on one orcallator server)
On the weekly graph the gridlines stop about half way across.

I have so far....
Deleted all the html and so on in the web directory
Deleted all the orcallator data files
Deleted all the rrd data files (**cries**)
Upgraded orcallator to 0.27b3
Upgraded orcallator.se to 1.37
Upgraded orcallator.cfg to 1.36
Upgraded rrdtool to 1.0.42
The problem persists and I am running out of things to upgrade and i have lost all my historical 
I just cant understand how the error persists when i have deleted and reinstalled so much.
I know this was working, but I am not sure exactly when it died or what killed it.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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