[Orca-users] Successful ORCA user

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Aug 20 09:51:53 PDT 2003

Rajesh Verma wrote:
> Thanks to Blair Zajac and Cyril Jaouich, for providing the tool for Sun
> and AIX.
> I was able to succesfully get the data from server and send it to
> central server and get the graphs.
> I am able to use rsync to copy the data to the web server. But I am not
> able to run the rsync command using CRONTAB.
> its gives error. If I run from commandline it works find using ssh.
> If any one knows how to make rsync work using crontab, I will be a
> happy man.

You run ssh-agent and create a public/private keypair so that when
the user that runs rsync wants to ssh into the other host, it can
do so.  The ssh process will talk to ssh-agent, get the credentials
it needs to log into the other host.

I do this myself.  A very handy tool to use is keychain


which you run in your .cshrc or .profile upon login.

Read the pages


to learn how to set this up.

The only time then you need to enter a password is when the system
reboots or when you manually kill the ssh-agent process.


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