[Orca-users] Orca Problems

Brian Cross BCross at cgfns.org
Thu Aug 21 11:12:53 PDT 2003


Problem 1:

I can't get the TCP parameters to update on my Orca server for one of my
It's weird because everything looks the same, in regards to my othe Orca
what I did see is that a system administrator before me did try to install
and run
another Orca server on the client that is having the problems:

Below are the TCP parameters I want to see for my client "kestrel" on the
reports web page:

Hourly kestrel TCP Bits Per Second

Hourly kestrel TCP Segments Per Second
Hourly kestrel TCP Retransmission & Duplicate Received Percentage
Hourly kestrel TCP New Connection Rate
Hourly kestrel TCP Number Open Connections <o_kestrel_gauge_tcp_estb.html> 
Hourly kestrel TCP Reset Rate <o_kestrel_gauge_tcp_Rst_per_s.html> 
Hourly kestrel TCP Attempt Fail Rate <o_kestrel_gauge_tcp_Atf_per_s.html> 
Hourly kestrel TCP Listen Drop Rate


Problem 2:

The second problem I'm having is that I can't get my orca server to update
a particular client.  I got my server to sync with all other clients except
one by
executing the following steps:

1.  Copy missing text files from
     to /var/orca/orcallator/<hostname>
2.  Stop the orca server.
3.  Removed the *.rrd files in /var/orca/rrd/orcallator/o_<hostname> file
4.  Start the orca server.

All except one orca client is in sync.  I complete the following steps but
server still won't sync with the server.  The only thing I could thing of
that it's
syncing a lot of files and needs time to update all files on the server
side.  I 
currently have a cron that runs the orca_sync.sh scripts to update files
between the client and server.  Should I disable this temporarily while
to sync this client and server?


Hope someone can help.  Thanks for you time.

Brian M. Cross
UNIX System Administrator
bcross at cgfns.org
215-387-6950 X347


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