[Orca-users] Heterogeneous OS Env. & Orca

Tony Pace tony_pace_ca at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 7 09:28:57 PDT 2003

Hi Orca Users,
I am new to Orcaware and have perused the lists to obtain
some basic configuration and operational information.
I really require a sanity check in order to justify the level
of effort required to build and deploy Orca in our enterprise production environment. (and then pay Blair for his s/w :-)
We are a mixed shop OS of 
- AIX 4.33, 5.1 & 5.2
- Solaris 7,8 & 9
with some HPUX & Linux.
We are running Oracle, DB2 and leveraging Apache/Tomcat for Web.
I understand that the Orca process engine (orcallator.se) 
runs "only" in a Solaris environment.
1) Which is the best Solaris version - 7, 8 or 9? (is the i386 Solaris an option)?
2) I am not sure I quite fully understand the mechanism 
or if it is fully possible "how" to feed the telemetry/data from my mixed OS environment to the "orcallator.se/Solaris" engine
- are there Orca agents installed on each host
- is there a config key for IP host address
- is it NFS mounted
- other
Great levels of detail will really aid in my proposal
for project approval.
Many thanks in advance,

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