[Orca-users] se crashing

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Jul 10 14:18:07 PDT 2003

> Pete Stoneberg wrote:
> I just installed the 3.3 version of RICHPse.  I have the -40 rev
> of oracllator.se installed as well.  My server is a Sun V880.  When
> I try to fire up se it aborts after a few seconds.  Running se in
> debug mode (-d) I get the following output.  Here are the last few
> lines.  Hundreds scroll by, but this is the last few.
> if (nkp[0].ks_type<1> == <3>)
> ul = nkp[0].ks_next<4322573408>
> struct_fill(nkp[0](STRUCTURE), ul<4322573408>)
> if (nkp[0].ks_type<1> == <3>)
> ul = nkp[0].ks_next<4322573616>
> struct_fill(nkp[0](STRUCTURE), ul<4322573616>)
> if (nkp[0].ks_type<1> == <3>)
> ul = nkp[0].ks_next<0>
> kstat_close(kc<0x100aea8b0>(STRUCTURE))
> if (RAW_disk_map<1> == <1>)
> raw_disk_map()
> strcpy(first_name<>, GLOBAL_disk_info[0].short_name<(nil)>)
> I have this exact same /etc/init.d/percol file running on another
> Solaris8 box and it runs fine.  Anyone know what could be wrong?
> I've checked all the usual culprits, like log directory not being
> writable.

Hi Pete,

Can you look at the debugging output from the bottom up for the first
file or directory name?  Commonly, there's some odd directory or filename
in /dev or /devices that causes this.


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