Fw: Fw: [Orca-users] 3.3 problems continue

Pete Stoneberg pete at stoneyweb.com
Thu Jul 10 20:15:00 PDT 2003

Actually Rich Petit's SE3.3 has a percollator.se file in
/opt/RICHPse/examples that is the default configuration.  When I use that
one it starts up just fine and continues to run.

# argument is log interval - default is 300 seconds

export SE PC

case "$1" in

        # Start the monitor daemon
        if [ -f $PC ] ; then
            echo "Web server percollator is bubbling"
            /usr/bin/mkdir -p $OUTDIR
            $SE -DWATCH_OS -o- $PC | $SE -t$PC - 300 &

The commented PC= line is the one I added to the /etc/init.d/percol file.
When PC is set to percollator.se which comes in the default SE3.3 version,
it starts up just fine.  It just doesn't provide the valuable information
that orcallator.se does.


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> Pete Stoneberg wrote:
> >
> > This has to be a problem with orcallator.se-1.40.  When I run the
> > percollator.se file it works just fine.
> There is no percollator.se.  You mean the provided orcallator.se that
> comes with orca-0.XX?  What is the orcallator.se version number?
> Best,
> Blair

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