[Orca-users] richpse tookit 3.3 - monlog on sol 2.8

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Jul 15 21:37:22 PDT 2003

"Saladin, Miki" wrote:
> since my upgrade to 3.3, the following types of messages have started to be
> sent to all logged on users - much to their dismay -
>                 bannerdev.aits.uillinois.edu ID[RICHPse.monlog.2000]: [ID
> 782760 local0.emerg] Disk state red entered, Action: Move load from busy
> disks to idle disks

>                 the more senior staff in the unix group report the following
> is the cause -
>                 "From what Mark and I can see it appears the actual new se
> binary has a problem with it that isn't using the "LOG_ERR" that is called
> all over the place in /opt/RICHPse/examples/monlog.se (the offending
> program)."
>                 they think they want to know ' Can we find out how to change
> how the virtual adrian process notifies syslog (facility=local0
> severity=emerg to something like facility=local0 severity=debug) and/or
> change the syslog.conf to mask this stuff from the users?"
>                 we changed in syslog.conf
>                 from
>                 *.emerg                         *
>                  to
>                 *.emerg;local0.none                             *
>                 any comments from anyone who is maybe having the same
> problem ?
>                 is it really a bug in the binary as they think?

Hi Miki,

Well, this isn't directly relevant to Orca, so your best bet is to send
an email off to the se mailing list and see if they can help:

se-feedback at setoolkit.com

BTW, which version of SE did you upgrade from?

You may want to do a diff -ru between the old and new SE versions and
see if anything changed that would effect this.


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