[Orca-users] Updating clients

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Jul 15 21:40:41 PDT 2003

> Brian Cross wrote:
> All,
> I'm having trouble getting my orca server to update with client information.  Two of my
> orca clients are posting old information.  At /var/orca/orcallator/<hostname> there
> are some ascii files missing that are used to post information to the orca web site.
> On both clients under /usr/local/orca/var/orca/orcallator/<hostname>, it seems the
> Information is current.  I'm not familiar with the Orca PERL modules.  Can I
> simply transport the missing file to the server, then stop and start the server
> Process?

Hi Brian,

So to be clear, on the clients you have data saved to
/usr/local/orca/var/orca/orcallator/<hostname> and this is current, but
the data on the server in /var/orca/orcallator/<hostname> is old?

Then just copy the missing text files from
/usr/local/orca/var/orca/orcallator/<hostname> to

If you have newer data on the server than the files you are copying over,
then the data will not be added to the RRD files and to the generated
plots.  To do this, you'll need to stop Orca, delete all the *.rrd files,
and run Orca again.


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