[Orca-users] MPXIO problem?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Jul 15 21:44:56 PDT 2003

"J. Kyle Cummings III" wrote:
> We just got a new Sun Fire V1280 and started using MPXIO to talk to our
> Hitachi 9960 SAN.
> The Orcallator will start and run for a while on the server and then just
> die.  I am running orca-0.27b3 and 1.37.
> Since MPXIO uses fabric names for the devices now, I thought that might be
> a problem.  What is the best way to diagnose this?
> The nohup.out file has a bunch of errors and ends like this:
> bzip2: I/O or other error, bailing out.  Possible reason follows.
> bzip2: No such file or directory
>         Input file =
> /usr/local/var/orca/orcallator/itsprd12/orcallator-2003-07-11-000, output
> file =
> /usr/local/var/orca/orcallator/itsprd12/orcallator-2003-07-11-000.bz2
> bzip2: Deleting output file
> /usr/local/var/orca/orcallator/itsprd12/orcallator-2003-07-11-000.bz2, if
> it exists.

Do you have any output before this to show, or is this all.

Is bzip2 in your path?  I would try to run bzip2 and see if orcallator.se
can find it.

> Fatal: subscript: 1024 out of range for: RAW_disk[1024]: Near line 787

You'll probably need to find this section in orcallator.se

// Define global for tracking raw disk data.
#define MAX_RAWDISKS    1024
RawDisk                 RAW_disk[MAX_RAWDISKS];

and increase 1024 to 2048 or larger until orcallator.se doesn't crash.


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