[Orca-users] Seg Fault on 2 Sunfire 280's

Big Chuck ccarson at echeeba.com
Wed Jul 30 17:50:07 PDT 2003

Blair Zajac wrote:
> Big Chuck wrote:
>>I am at a loss. I can find no different on these machines other than the
>>fact that the working machines on running Veritas Foundation Suite and
>>the two databases are running Database Edition for Oracle. (thus not a
>>whole hell of a lot of difference)
>>Any ideas?
> Look for any oddly named filesystem devices in /dev and /devices.  They
> may need to be removed.
> Also, you can run orcallator.se with -d and you'll get debugging output
> which will be useful to see where it crashes.
> Best,
> Blair

Odd, I just installed it onto an E4500 that also has Database Edition 
for Oracle with the /dev/odm and /dev/qlog devices entry it works on 
that box.

Hmmm, I am at a loss. Unfortunately the main system I wanted to monitor 
was one of the 280's that it does not work on. =(


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