[Orca-users] Annoying Message, =P

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Jul 31 10:31:04 PDT 2003

Big Chuck wrote:
> I keep getting this sent to my warn_email address: every 6 minutes or so:
> Orca: file `/mnt/orca/var/orcallator/web-0202/orcallator-2003-07-31-000'
> did exist and is now gone.
> Is this normal or did a pear-shape something.

>From the FAQ:

  2.4) Warning: file `.../orcallator/host1/orcallator-2001-11-06-000'
       did exist and is now gone.

       Orca prints this message when it found an input data file to
       read and when it goes to read it, which may be a while later,
       the file no longer exists.

       When Orca is being used with orcallator.se, this message may
       occur when orcallator.se compresses the previous day's percol-*
       or orcallator-* file that Orca found.


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