[Orca-users] MPXIO Problem ?

Auferkorte Markus Markus.Auferkorte at is-energy.de
Tue Sep 9 08:24:58 PDT 2003

Hi all,

We've got a bunch of SF15k domains running Solaris 9. 
Using Suns Qlogic HBAs.

We have two typical Configurations:

- No Cluster, VxVM 3.4, DMP enabled
  A typical SAN Device looks like:  /dev/dsk/c5t5005076300C499E3d95s0

- Sun Cluster 3, VxVM 3.4, DMP *disabled*, MPXIO configured
  A typical SAN Device looks like:  /dev/dsk/c15t6005076300C098240000000000001025d0s0

My Problem:
On the clustered Domains, using that long device names, orcallator.se doesn't wite Disk Perfomance Data on a per Disk base. The Config is similar on all Systems.

I am using the default Configs, just customized Path-Names. Any hints would be welcome :-)

Solaris 9, Cluster 3, Perl 5.8.0, compiled with gcc, orca 0.27, orcallator 1.35,  RICHPse 3.3


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