[Orca-users] mining percol files

Karl.Rossing at Federated.CA Karl.Rossing at Federated.CA
Tue Sep 30 15:48:08 PDT 2003

I should have asked this in a more timely manor.

I have all my percol files since may 2001.

 We are having a disk expansion mtg tomorrow.

I'd like to compile and graph the disk space used since may 2001. I 
decided to use the 15th of every month to track the growth.

I'm having a heck of a time extracting the data.

I need the 1st line which is the column explanation and the 1st line after 
that in each file.

I need the 1st line since the slices have changed from 2001 a couple of 

I also need to know what each column means.

Anyone know of a quick way to do this?


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