[Orca-users] Multiple versions of the same graph?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Fri Apr 2 12:05:30 PST 2004

David Michaels wrote:
> Hello, Orcafolks!
> I've been using Orca now since August, and it's been extremely useful in
> identifying performance bottlenecks, and creating a record of resource
> utilization and growth of the project and whatnot.
> I have a little problem with it at the moment that's really just more of
> an annoyance.  I have "Disk Space Percent Usage" graphs that show up in
> the summary page, but there are like 12 copies of the graph in the
> page.  The graphs aren't exactly identical -- in most cases, the order
> of the filesystems represented is shuffled around, but all the
> filesystems are the same.  In some of the graphs, though, some
> filesystems are absent.  The same thing happens with Disk Run Percent
> graphs.  I took a snapshot of the webpage, and put it up for
> display--check out http://rooth.org/orca (only npd-snow has graphs).
> Any ideas as to how I can trim those copies down to one graph?

Wait for me to fix Orca :)

I've got a solution in mind based off a patch that somebody sent
in to the orca mailing list.

You could try this patch for now


but I want to get Orca to look at the data sources itself
which plots are volatile so that the user doesn't have to
configure the config file by hand.


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