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Wed Apr 7 06:28:34 PDT 2004

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My question is not about Orca, per se, but, I'm hoping that it's not
so far off-topic.

We have a suite of performance monitoring and alerting tools, one being
Orca, and I need to tie them all together into a framework that we can
all use.

What I mean by "framework" is this:

Let's say, I want to monitor app XYZ off of our Intranet home page. I
set up an agent, which performs a series of transactions against XYZ.
These "transactions" are meant to mimic an end-user experience.

These transactions have dependencies, for instance:

- - the network must be up
- - the home page must be available
- - login to the app (unauthenticated, in this case) must be successful
- - the backend database must be up and responsive to the request that
XYZ makes against it.

What I want to do, is have a centralized method for our apps groups to
request monitoring, define "transactions", define dependencies, (as well
as anticedents), define remediation steps for the SAs, etc.

Is anyone doing this sort of thing or can anyone point me to some usefule
information regarding apps monitoring?


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