[Orca-users] PNG's not getting created

Debra R. Douglass ra667c at motorola.com
Tue Apr 6 17:01:30 PDT 2004

I set up Orca just a little while ago with a subset of my systems and 
everything seemed find. Then I added  the rest of the systems we want to 
monitor and now I have problems. I'm trying to monitor 133 systems with 
defined groups. PNG's for the 'Interface Bits Per Second' graph and all 
graphs after that are not being created for a large percentage of my 

The only error messages I'm seeing are ' internal error: expecting RRD 
name `server_archiver_gauge_1024_*_swap_avail' but no data loaded from 
...' for example. But those seem to occur regardless of whether the 
Interface graphs get created.

I changed my interval to 600 and my late_interval is 'interval + 1800'.

Does anyone have an idea how to go about diagnosing my problem?



Debra Douglass
Motorola - Austin TX
email: ra667c at motorola.com

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