[Orca-users] RE: /dev/lofi files and raw disk code

Saladin, Miki lsaladi at uillinois.edu
Wed Apr 14 13:40:11 PDT 2004

or as i look in orcallator.se 1.37 - do i detect the real fix  described in
these comments? 
Version 1.37:   Dec 28, 2002	Improved algorithm in raw_disk_map() which
//				detects the end of the GLOBAL_disk_info
//				To deal with occasions when the first disk
is a
//				CD-ROM and the second disk is an unmounted
//				CD-ROM, revise the check in raw_disk_map()
//				detect both the first and second disk
//				in GLOBAL_disk_info.  Patch contributed by
//				LeGrand <alegrand at wallace.com>.

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> From: 	Saladin, Miki  
> Sent:	Wednesday, April 14, 2004 3:39 PM
> To:	'orca-users at orcaware.com'
> Subject:	FW: /dev/lofi files and raw disk code 
> We have started using /dev/lofi files.  These files are usually just
> mounted for a short period of time. 
> We use them to mount solaris maintenance, for example.
> setoolkit 3.3, 3.3.1 and 3.2.1 
> on some domains, when these /dev/lofi files are  mounted, the orcallator
> data recording process crashes, and cannot be restarted (segmentation
> faults).
> i  have been able to work around this by #undef USE_RAWDISK. in the
> orcallator.se file.
> is this the proper fix? 
> anyone else have this problem using /dev/lofi files? 

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