[Orca-users] PNG's not getting created

Debra R. Douglass ra667c at motorola.com
Fri Apr 16 09:46:28 PDT 2004

Just to update on my problem. I did some more investigating developed a
theory that the TCP PNGs are only being generated for my first group. So
I stopped all orcallator clients processes and stoped the orca process
on my server. Then I completely cleaned out the HTML and the var dirs
and then restarted all the clients, waited 15 minutes for data to
accumulate and then started the orca script on my server. Result - the
PNGs for the  'Interface Bits Per Second' graph and all graphs after
that in orcallator.cfg for all groups, except for the first group I have
defined, are not being created. Further investigation revealed that the
rrd files (path /home/orca/var/rrd/orcallator/{group}_{systemname}/...)
for TCP and the ethernet interfaces are not being created.

Anyone have an idea about what might be wrong with my configuration?

Groups are defined in the orcallator.cfg like this (for example):

group server {

and the plot definitions for that group are right under it:

plot {
title                   %g System Overview
source                  server

After that, the next group is defined and then the plots, etc.


Debra R. Douglass wrote:
  > I changed the interval in the SE package to 600 at the same time that I
  > changed the interval in Orca.
  > -Debra
  > Debra R. Douglass wrote:
  >  > I set up Orca just a little while ago with a subset of my systems and
  >  > everything seemed find. Then I added  the rest of the systems we
want to
  >  > monitor and now I have problems. I'm trying to monitor 133 systems
  >  > defined groups. PNG's for the 'Interface Bits Per Second' graph
and all
  >  > graphs after that are not being created for a large percentage of my
  >  > systems.
  >  >
  >  > The only error messages I'm seeing are ' internal error: expecting
  >  > name `server_archiver_gauge_1024_*_swap_avail' but no data loaded
  >  > ...' for example. But those seem to occur regardless of whether the
  >  > Interface graphs get created.
  >  >
  >  > I changed my interval to 600 and my late_interval is 'interval +
  >  >
  >  > Does anyone have an idea how to go about diagnosing my problem?
  >  >
  >  > -Debra
  >  >
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Debra Douglass
Austin TX
email: ra667c at motorola.com

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