[Orca-users] orcallator on v880 w/ veritas

Chan Chi Hung chihung at mc-3.org
Wed Apr 21 22:02:06 PDT 2004

Hi Blair,

se -v orcallator.se only shows the version number of se and not 
executing the code.

BTW, se -v gives "se - Version 3.3 (08:59 PM 07/16/02) for sparcv9 SunOS 
Also, orcallator.se is 1.34 that comes with SEtoolkit 3.3.1. Shall I use 
the orcallator.se 1.37 from www.orcaware.com. Do u think it may be able 
to solve my problem. Anyway, I think I will try that 'cos I need a 
detail monitoring than what 'sar' can give me.

BTW, some typo error in http://www.orcaware.com/orca/ under the 
Download. The orcallator.se should be 1.37, not sure about the version 
for orcallator.cfg.

--Chi Hung

Blair Zajac wrote:
> Chan Chi Hung wrote:
>>Hi Michael,
>>Thanks, at least I know the program works somewhere. I will have to
>>'truss' the se to see what's going on. However, the database is client's
>>machine sitting the data centre. I can only access it over the weekend.
>>Will update you if there any success on my side. Cheers.
>>--Chi Hung
> Hi Chan,
> The other thing to try is to run se with the -v option, as in
> se -v orcallator.se
> and then see where it crashes.  This will give you a good sense
> of which code is causing the problem.  What I normally do is
> look at the last lines of the se output and find the particular
> .se file that has that code in it.
> BTW, truss may not show anything, as the core dump is probably in
> orcallator.se and not due to a bad system call.
> Best,
> Blair


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