[Orca-users] Hi, I´m a new user here

marmth at ig.com.br marmth at ig.com.br
Tue Apr 27 06:02:42 PDT 2004

Hi Blair, 

   First thanks for your help. 
   About the message that I received when i tryed to run orca : 
>> ./orca: warning: no files found for 'find_files' for 'group orca' in 
>> /opt/orca/lib/orcallator.cfg 

   You wrote me : 

>Looks like you misspelled 'group' there. You need to make sure 
>that the regex given to find_files finds your data files you are 
>generating. Take a look at that and see if it works. 

   The message about the error in 'find_files' disappeared but when I tryed 
to run orca again and I received other message: 

        "./orca: warning: cannot find date 'timestamp' in 

    After this message I couldn´t read anything in the screen because 
nothing possible to understand.  In my screen I can see only unreadable 
symbols .  When I close the terminal that I opened the screen turn normal 
    Is the message to refer a packet that I didn´t install ? 

     Thanhs again 
      Marcos Maia 

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