[Orca-users] Some questions about procallator and orca.

marmth at ig.com.br marmth at ig.com.br
Wed Apr 28 14:28:20 PDT 2004


     I found procallator and I installed it following this instructions that 
I found in README file.  I have some questions about this instructions . 

> Installation:	 
> The installation is quite simple. 
> - Edit script procallator.pl and adjust the configurable parameters on the 
beginning of this file 

     1st - I found in directory orca-0.27\contrib\procallator only this 
files : 

             - install.sh 
             - procallator 
             - procallator.cfg 
             - procallator.pl.in 
             - Readme 
             - Todo 
             - update_orca_server.sh 

            I changed the name of the file procallator.pl.in 
to procallator.pl because when I tryed to run install.sh script an error 
ocurred .  The message was about the script procallator.pl couldn´t not find 
            Is it correct to change the name of this file procallator.pl.in 

      2sd - I could´n understand this line in the script 
$HOSTNAME=`/bin/hostname`;.  What have I set here ? 

      3th - I changed $DEST_DIR="/usr/local/var/orca/$HOSTNAME"; to 
$DEST_DIR="/opt/orca/$HOSTNAME";.  This is the place where I installed orca. 
 Have I change another line in the script ? 

> - Edit install.sh script and check it 

         I edited install.sh script only the line where the orca location´ve 
been written .  The orther parts of the script looks correct . 

> - as root run install.sh 

         1st - I ran install.sh script and everythink looks ok but I checked 
the directory /etc/init.d and I saw that procallator was with no executable 
permission. I changed with chmod 755 procallator.  Is it correct ?? 

         2st - I checked the process for procallator with ps -A but I didn´t 
find it.  I tryed to run with ./procallator start and I checked the pid 
again and it´s the same.  I ran ./procallator stop and received this 

            Stopping procallator terminated 
            kill 3580: process unknow 

           I could´n understand why the operating system didn´t find this 
pid . What is it wrong in this case ? 

> - configure the distribution mecanism 
         I didn´t understand about this 'mecanism' . 

> - on the server, run orca using the exmple procallator.cfg 
         I didn´t try to run orca with the procallator.cfg . 

      Other questions : 

         - Have I put procallator start in crontab ? 
         - What the diference between orca and procallator ? 
         - When have I run orca? Everyday, weekly, monthly ? 
         - Have I put orca in crontab to ? 

       Thanks for your help Blair. 
     Marcos Maia 

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