[Orca-users] The SE Toolkit

Sean O'Neill sean at seanoneill.info
Thu Feb 5 15:00:03 PST 2004

Blair Zajac wrote:
> Rich Pettit wrote:
>>I'm currently discussing the resurrection of the SE Toolkit with Quest,
>>my full-time employer.  They would like to acquire SE so that I can
>>continue the multi-platform development that I've been working on.
>>Before doing so, they would like to talk to end users who can provide
>>first hand experience on what value they got from the software. To that
>>end, I'm looking for folks who would be good representatives of SE.
>>If anyone would like to send me an email discussing the specific
>>value that SE brings to you, it would go a long way towards my goal
>>of not just keeping SE alive, but bringing SE 5 to the world on
>>Solaris SPARC and x86 and Linux x86. I've also got versions working
>>on Darwin (Mac), and FreeBSD x86. HP-UX 11 and AIX 4.3-5.2 will also
>>be supported.
>>Any input you can provide would be of great help.
> I'll provide my support in this.
> Several questions:
> 1) What kind of license will SE be provided under?
> 2) Will it be a binary only or also include a source code release?
>    I'd really like to see SE's source code be available, but if
>    Quest is paying for it, then it's understandable that they'd
>    want to keep it private.  However, there could be large
>    benefits to making it public.
> 3) If the source it made public, what license would it be under?
> Best,
> Blair

ROCK ON !!!!  This is great.

SE provides an very fexible and capable tool in collecting statistcs on 
systems and developing tools to present these statistics.  It provides 
them in such a way that you don't have to worry about run multiple 
command to collect the statistics you want.

By making it available on multiple OS, this provides a familiar 
interface to collecting statistics no matter what OS you are running on 
(granted the OSs that have SE available for them).


( and I would hate to lose my additions to the SE toolkit metrics 
collected on Solaris which Orca now collects ;> )

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