[Orca-users] That old multiple plot problem.

Charles R. Dennett dennett at rochester.rr.com
Tue Feb 10 17:19:47 PST 2004

Richard.Grevis at ubs.com wrote:
> All,
> I problems with multiple copies of disk usage and disk performance graphs. My problem is particularly acute, because our mount points and SAN disk allocations change really often - resulting in 20 or more copies of said plots per host.
> I remember the a work-around by re-writing the raw datafiles to fix the columns, but has anyone figured the code patch that may help? I tried to look myself, but hashes of arrays of references to hashes... my head hurts.
> Blair? I would really appreciate a workaround or patch, but understand if you are busy. Or even if you point to the conditions that trigger another plot to be generated, and I can think about it.
> kind regards,
> Richard Grevis
> UBS.

I'd thought about this problem but never really did more than that.

Here's a suggestion for Blair or anyone else.  What if you could specify
in the orcallator.cfg (or procallator.cfg since I use procallator.pl on
my Linux systems as the data gatherer) one or more regular expressions
in which you could specify which file systems to graph (or which ones to
ignore and never graph).  You'd have to add code somewhere orca to deal
with that.

Just a thought.


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