[Orca-users] Using regular expressions for data

Kalpesh Patel kpatel at familypatel.com
Mon Feb 23 18:27:45 PST 2004

I believe that you cannot use regex to pull out data from data set files as
ambiguities would arise when more then one set of data matches given regex
in terms of plotting. 

Why not simply create another group with the plots you want?

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Subject: [Orca-users] Using regular expressions for data

If one uses "column_description first_line" in the group parameters section
of the config file, is there a way to successfully use regular expressions
in the data parameter of the plots? Currently, I have this set up and orca
is ignoring those data plots...its not even reading or loading in the
associated files which contain the data that the regular expresisons match
on, though it does is I explicitly list the exact column headers without
using regular expressions.


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