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Jason D. Kelleher kelleher at bluehen.udel.edu
Thu Feb 26 12:41:58 PST 2004

> I hope that you don't mind, but Blair Zajac suggested that I try
> contacting
> you directly.  I have been having an issue with my 4.3.3 servers not
> recording the CPU utilizations.  The script that you provided in the link
> below is working on my AIX 5.1 servers, but none of the AIX 4.3.3 servers
> are working.  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Dan Engelsen
> AIX Administrator

I no longer use the kelleher944 at yahoo.com address and now only
check it quarterly.  There are a number of issues with 4.3.3 be
sure you have BOS.Net.tcp.Client installed (.50 & .51 are
very broken and can cause "netstat -a" to spin) as well as
BOS.acct or later.  If you can't run vmstat manually
on your system these patch sets should fix it.  If not, call IBM
all the script does is run standard utilities and parse the output.
Also make sure you have the disk statistics history enabled (smitty
chgsys -> Continuously maintain DISK I/O history [true]) - per IBM
this does not negatively impact performance so don't let a know-it-all
DBA give you any crap about this setting.

I'm working on a script that attempts to be more tolerant of AIX
bugs (runs everything in evals), but I haven't had any time to polish
it.  Note that I'm not an AIX admin and only work on the AIX stats
collection script under duress.  :)  I'll send out an updated script
in a week or two.  Good luck.


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> daniel.engelsen at advancepcs.com wrote:
>> http://www.orcaware.com/pipermail/orca-users/2001-July/001145.html
>> The above link is where I got the perl script.  Basically, I copied out
> of
>> the mail message there, and then pasted it in a file on my AIX servers.
>> Thanks,
>> Dan Engelsen
> Please, always do a reply-all when replying to the mailing lists.
> I'm not aware of any newer versions of the script.  Have you tried
> contacting the author directly?  I don't know if that person is
> still on the mailing list.
> Best,
> Blair
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