[Orca-users] RE: Compatability with Solaris 8 (Schmitz Dale M Contr 20 IS/INPTG)

JV JV711 at socal.rr.com
Fri Feb 27 22:39:37 PST 2004

All the time. I bought SUNWspro 7.x, but Blair and others on this list seem
to use gcc.

You need:
PATH=/usr/ccs/bin /usr/ucb /usr/ccs/lib /usr/include $PATH:.

If you did one of those funky "Desktop/Core/Minimum" Solaris installs,
congraduations it's now biting you in the arse. You need these packages:

pkginfo -l SUNWbtool
pkginfo -l SUNWsprot
pkginfo -l SUNWtoo
pkginfo -l SUNWhea
pkginfo -l SUNWarc
pkginfo -l SUNWlibm
pkginfo -l SUNWlibms
pkginfo -l SUNWdfbh
pkginfo -l SUNWcg6h
pkginfo -l SUNWxwinc
pkginfo -l SUNWolinc
pkginfo -l SUNWxglh

Good Luck

>Has anyone successfully compiled Orca on a Solaris 8 system?

>I keep running into an error that says some language specific packages are
>not installed.  On earlier versions of Solaris, the SUNWspro package
>contained everything necessary to compile and run, but it appears with
>Solaris 8, Sun has altered SUNWspro into two packages, SUNWsprot, and
>SUNWsprox, which don't install the same way.

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