[Orca-users] RE: emc dmx/clarion native fabric luns.

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Maybe this will help you.  I had a similar problem with my SAN disks.
My problem was in the orcallator.cfg file's plot parameters.  The original
data line was:

I changed it to:


This better reflects the possible lengths of the SAN disk device names.

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actually i realize this was an incomplete description of my issue - 

the orcallator daily file contains a column header of the title disk_runp_
c8t50060482CAFDE243d47 (for example) - 

irrespective of the values being 0 - these devices do  not appear on the
disk run percent graph. 


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Subject: emc dmx/clarion native fabric luns. 


setoolkit 3.3

orcallator.se  version  1.36


Implementation on EMC dmx/clarion with native fabric luns results in the
following /dev/disk indicators -  see the following example - 


ssd0     -> ssd0         -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d47       0

ssd0,c   -> ssd0,c       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d47s2     0

ssd0,d   -> ssd0,d       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d47s3     0

ssd0,e   -> ssd0,e       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d47s4     0

ssd1     -> ssd1         -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d46       0

ssd1,c   -> ssd1,c       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d46s2     0

ssd1,d   -> ssd1,d       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d46s3     0

ssd1,e   -> ssd1,e       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d46s4     0

ssd2     -> ssd2         -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d45       0

ssd2,a   -> ssd2,a       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d45s0     0

ssd2,b   -> ssd2,b       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d45s1     0

ssd2,c   -> ssd2,c       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d45s2     0

ssd2,g   -> ssd2,g       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d45s6     0

ssd3     -> ssd3         -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d44       0

ssd3,a   -> ssd3,a       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d44s0     0

ssd3,b   -> ssd3,b       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d44s1     0

ssd3,c   -> ssd3,c       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d44s2     0

ssd3,g   -> ssd3,g       -> c8t50060482CAFDE243d44s6     0


disk_runp metrics are 0 - despite iostat -xnM returning non zero metrics. 

in the examples directory - dmx_disks.se, dmx_iost.se and dmx_siostat.se
work fine from the command line.  


my ? is how do i  now incorporate the use of these dmx_ ses into the
orcallator.se file ?  


the only reference to iostat in orcallator.se is 

#include <p_iostat_class.se>


there is no class file for dmx iostat. 


i'm sure i am not the only one who has done this. 

any hints would be appreciated! 

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