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Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Dec 1 20:12:40 PST 2005

Normandin, Mike wrote:
> rrd does roll-up the data and you lose granularity I'm not sure what the roll-up will be for the 1 hour interval  you are using.  A couple options for looking back.

Here's the roll-up data that Orca uses by default:

# These define the name of the different round robin archives (RRAs)
# to create in each RRD file, how many primary data points go into a
# consolidated data point, and how far back in time they go.
# The first RRA is every 5 minutes for 200 hours, the second is every
# 30 minutes for 31 days, the third is every 2 hours for 100 days, and
# the last is every day for 3 years.
# The first array holds the names of the different RRAs and is also
# used in the list of plots to create.  The second array holds the
# number of 300 second intervals are used to create a consolidated
# data point.  The third array is the number of consolidated data
# points held in the RRA.
   @RRA_PLOT_TYPES = qw(daily weekly monthly yearly);
   @RRA_PDP_COUNTS =   (    1,     6,     24,   288);
   @RRA_ROW_COUNTS =   ( 2400,  1488,   1200,  1098);


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