[Orca-users] Regarding latest orca release

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Dec 28 19:46:37 PST 2005

Erich Oberle wrote:
> Greetings, I haven't updated orca in a while but just installed the newest
> tar.gz release from February 05 which was supposed to fix multiple graphs
> and other items.
> Couple questions, can I simply push my orcallator.se file out to all the
> clients to ensure the same data collection on all machines?  Or do I have
> to push out any of the new/changed se files?  These files were included
> with the new orca release:
> live_rules.se            orca_p_vmstat_class.se   tapeinfo.se
> orca_p_netstat_class.se  orca_process_class.se    workinfo_class.se
> Or will it work just fine with a new orcallator.se in place?  By clients I
> mean only one server creates/publishes graphs, all other machines just
> collect data and send it over to the graph machine.  This is on Solaris
> (2.6-9).  Thanks!

If you've already pushed the Orca specific SE files that you've listed out, then 
you don't need to do that again and can just push out the latest orcallator.se 
package.  I would just double check on a single that the Orca specific files on 
one host match the versions from the latest snapshot, just in case there were 
any changes.


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