[Orca-users] winallator SourceFile patch error

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Dec 29 20:10:29 PST 2005

Erich Oberle wrote:
> The patch file fix worked great to patch the SoureFile but now I get errors
> when actually running orca for Solaris files as well as a specific error
> about the timestamp for the winallator files.  Here's the output when I run
> orca using the new file and my first collection of winallator data for a
> server:

Did you get the error timestamp error on the older version of the patch 
(assuming you're using the latest version of the patch I sent out yesterday).

The patch does change Orca so it'll only work with winallator files.  I more 
sophisticated patch would enable both the normal Solaris/Linux and winallator 
files to work together.

So for now, you'll need two separate installations of Orca for the

If you know Perl, you could take the SourceFile.pm patch and add a bunch of if 
statements around the new code so it'll only work when enabled.  Probably 
setting an environmental variable for now would be a good way of doing this. 
Kinda hacky, but it would work.


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