[Orca-users] Redundant Host Graphs

powers.david at marshfieldclinic.org powers.david at marshfieldclinic.org
Mon Jan 3 07:04:20 PST 2005

Great product!

Has anyone encountered a situation where you get redundant graphs for a particular host?  For instance I am monitoring two solaris 9 machines, RICHPse toolkit version 3.3.1, orcallator.se 1.37.  What I have noticed is that I am getting multiple graphs for 'daily disk percent use' for one machine(I have 32 graphs of the same information).  Now I have another similar host with 3 graphs.  I am just collecting the information on these machines, I then copy this info to a Linux box running orcallator for processing.  I have tried to rebuild this information by deleting all info, recopying, and stoping and starting orcallator to find the 'new' host.

I thought I had seen a reference to this somewhere, however I am unable to find it again.  Any help would be appreciated.


Dave Powers
Systems Engineer
Information Systems, Marshfield Clinic

Phone: 715-221-8022

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