[Orca-users] rrdtool equivalent parameters of Orca

Alex Koralewski akoralewski at doitt.nyc.gov
Mon Jan 3 12:03:35 PST 2005


I really like what's being done with Orca however my organization requires a
more flexible approach to graphing the data collected, by combining multiple
systems on one graph (not to mention specify your own time frame).  I can't
seem to find this functionality in Orca, however I'm wondering if you assist
me in figuring out what parameters are used to create the format of the
graphs that orca does draw?

After looking through the script, it seems as though it's being done within
the script via perl modules.  The graphs however look very similar to what
can be created with the command line utility "rrdtool" with the "graph"

I'm not too familiar with where to find the exact parameters it uses with
the perl script orca, so if you could take a moment and tell me the exact
parameters that are used, I would be able to construct a cli equivalent that
will construct the same format graph, but with multiple hosts (and allow me
to specify the time frame).

It would be relatively straightforward then to build a front end that will
let you specify which hosts to include on the graph (as well as what time
frame the person using the the front end is interested in).

Thanks in advance.

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