[Orca-users] CPU used by orca itself !!

Garry Ferguson G.Ferguson at servicepower.com
Wed Jan 5 08:24:48 PST 2005

Thanks Leo.
I think I do have the same problem but I can't see how to prevent it.
I use an nfs share as my stoarge area for data from 3 machines. Each
writes to its own sub-directory on the nfs share and filenames are of
the form
orcallator-2004-11-15-000.bz2 , say. The current day's file is bzipped
the end of the day and then left in there with all the other files. i.e
100 days we have 100 files.
Every 10 mins , when orca runs, it bunzips all 100 files and bzips them
again !!! Surely this is not correct!? I thought the rrd files were
there to store
long term data.
Thanks anyone?


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	I had a similar experience because the method I used to transfer
the orca data to the system.  I initially used a simple scp via cron,
but that updated the mod time for the files and that caused orca to
unzip, open and reread every file.  

	You might check to see if you have the same problem. 

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	Hi all, 
	I have just joined the list and would be happy to know 
	how to get to any archives to see if my question has 
	already been answered. 

	If not ... 
	I am very concerned about the amount of cpu consumed 
	by orca itself. i.e. on the machine accumulating and processing 
	the data into web-viewable format. I attach an example - orca's 
	own graph - of the machine's CPU since orca was installed. 
	This cpu is virtually ALL orca! It processes the data for itself
and 2 
	other machines. They are all SUN boxes with 2x10002MHz CPUs. 

	Any comments v welcome. 
	Garry Ferguson 

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