[Orca-users] Where to get setoolkit

Jason Santos jason.santos at megaslow.net
Thu Jan 6 15:20:12 PST 2005

On Thu, January 6, 2005 3:56 pm, Blair Zajac said:
> Do you have any code you could add to Orca's subversion repository so
> that other people could start to use it?

Unfortunately no, I was still working on getting the dtrace basics down so
I could code it.

> I've heard great things about DTrace, but only from Sun people.  Is it
> as great of a tool as I've heard?

It can do amazing things, the trick is (of course) learning how to apply
it to your situation.  The interesting thing is that DTrace probably does
almost everything SE Toolkit did in terms of monitoring and more, since it
has tens of thousands of probes.

There's a really good DTrace tutorial and reference guide over on
BigAdmin, this is where I was learning from.

I hope someone can run with this, it seems very doable to me from the
exposure I've had to DTrace and SE Toolkit.

Jason Santos

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