[Orca-users] winallator problem

mian at vip.cybercity.dk mian at vip.cybercity.dk
Tue Jan 25 01:30:43 PST 2005

Hello All

I have just downloaded the r411 snapshot and it trying to get winallator to 

I have patched the SourceFile.pm as described in the README file and copied 
winallator.htm to a Windows machine and corrected winallator.cfg with the 
paths I use for rrd html and tsv files.

When I run orca winallator.cfg -o -v -v

I get a lot of the following warning
/usr/local/bin/orca: warning: cannot put data starting at Tue Jan 25 08:20:43 
2005 (1106637643) 
into '/data/rrd/winallator/winallator_pfaba01/gauge_PhysicalDisk_Total_Avg._Di
sk_Queue_Length.rrd': conversion of '4,0566827088374954e-006' to float not 
complete: tail ',0566827088374954e-006'
RRD '/data/rrd/winallator/winallator_pfaba01/gauge_PhysicalDisk_Total_pct_Disk

Any idea's/suggestion will be appreciated


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