[Orca-users] How to exclude filesystems?

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Tue Jan 25 09:41:26 PST 2005

I'm trying to tweak my Disk Usage group to exclude some filesystems.  
Currently, it looks like this:

    plot {
    title           %g Disk Space Percent Usage
    source          orcallator
    data            mntP_(.*)
    [...and so on...]

I want to exclude /vxckpt and /checkpoints from the data used to 
generate these graphs, but I can't figure out how to do negation in Perl 
other than doing != (which won't work here, since I'm just defining the 
string to use in a hard-coded =~ operation).  I feel like I'm missing 
something obvious, but just can't see it.  I've already tweaked the 
orcallator.se file so that those directories won't be captured anymore, 
but since this data already exists in a couple of data files, it's 
showing up in the graphs and probably will forever.

Barring a way to match "everything but -blah-", is there an easy way to 
delete columns from data files?


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