[Orca-users] RE: Workload format in orcallator.se

Dmitry Berezin dberezin at surfside.rutgers.edu
Tue Jun 7 10:11:15 PDT 2005


Here is what you need to get workload information with orcallator.se -

1. Set and export WORKLOAD_INFO (see examples below)
2. Set and export WORKLOAD_FIRSTMATCH=0 if you want to match each process to
all workloads (optional, default setting is 1)
3. Run orcallator.se with -DWATCH_WORKLOAD to enable workload code
4. Run orcallator.se with -DWORKINFO_PRINT to have your workload settings
printed out for verification (optional)

There are a couple of examples of setting WORKLOAD_INFO in the
workinfo_class.se file (take a look at the Usage notes section). Here are a
few more -

This defines three workloads:
WEB   - all httpd processes
JAVA  - all java processes owned by user javauser
OTHER - all other processes
Process names (httpd and java) and user name (javauser) are matched as

WORKLOAD_INFO="WEB,httpd;JAVA,java, ,javauser;OTHER"

The same as above, but httpd process is matched exactly.

WORKLOAD_INFO="WEB,httpd, , ,1;JAVA,java, ,javauser;OTHER"

The next example collects data for all processes owned by user oracle
(ORACLE), as well as data for different oracle database instances separately
(ORADB1 and ORADB2). In addition it defines NetBackup workload (NB) - all
processes that begin with "bp". Notice that in order to collect data for all
oracle databases together and separately at the same time, you need to set
WORKLOAD_FIRSTMATCH=0 which implies that you can not use OTHER as in the
example above, since it will just catch everything.


This will just collect process and thread count data for all httpd
processes. Replace the first 1 with a space to change to pattern match if

WORKLOAD_INFO="WEB,httpd, , ,1,1'

Here is the example of orcallator.cfg file settings -


I hope this is not too wordy and is what you need. If it is not, feel free
to ask further questions.


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> Cheers.
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