[Orca-users] Problem running orca

Mark Player markp at asnet.co.nz
Tue Jun 21 19:58:46 PDT 2005


This is my 2nd attempt at running orca with this config file.  The first time i got a divide by zero error but i found that i had input files that had zeros in them so i got rid of them.

Now its coming up with this error:

# /usr/local/bin/perl -w /usr/local/bin/orca /var/MonitorFiles/graph.cfg
/usr/local/bin/orca: warning: option `' needs arguments in `/var/MonitorFiles/graph.cfg' line 61.
/usr/local/bin/orca: loading configuration file `/var/MonitorFiles/graph.cfg' got 1 error(s).

I've gone to line 61 in the graph.cfg config file and it has nothing in it.  The lines after it are setup for the graphing information.

I've checked for syntax errors as well and i can't find any of those either.  


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