[Orca-users] winallator SourceFile patch error

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Tue Jan 3 10:04:05 PST 2006

Back around build 411 days, I constructed a patch for winallator that 
would deal with EOL issues, blank fields, and verbosity setting (versus 
always printing the line to the log, which generates tons of logs).  I 
thought I had submitted it to the build stream, but evidently not.  In 
any event, it did not test for a Windows-perfmon-type file, so it did 
break Unix data files.

Blair, if you like, I can take the task to tweak SourceFile.pm and get 
it to work with both Unix and Windows data files.  I think it should be 
easy to test the format of the timestamp field to distinguish whether it 
is unix-style or windows-style, and convert it appropriately.  I can 
also reintroduce the verbosity test to reduce the logfile noise.


Blair Zajac wrote:

> Erich Oberle wrote:
>> The patch file fix worked great to patch the SoureFile but now I get 
>> errors
>> when actually running orca for Solaris files as well as a specific error
>> about the timestamp for the winallator files.  Here's the output when 
>> I run
>> orca using the new file and my first collection of winallator data for a
>> server:
> Did you get the error timestamp error on the older version of the 
> patch (assuming you're using the latest version of the patch I sent 
> out yesterday).
> The patch does change Orca so it'll only work with winallator files.  
> I more sophisticated patch would enable both the normal Solaris/Linux 
> and winallator files to work together.
> So for now, you'll need two separate installations of Orca for the
> If you know Perl, you could take the SourceFile.pm patch and add a 
> bunch of if statements around the new code so it'll only work when 
> enabled.  Probably setting an environmental variable for now would be 
> a good way of doing this. Kinda hacky, but it would work.
> Regards,
> Blair
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