[Orca-users] How are you using Orca ?

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Tue Jan 17 10:23:06 PST 2006

Our Orca architecture looks something like this, and is pretty much 
unchanged since first implemented in August of 2003:

    * Orca Clients
          o 1 dozen IBM servers (actually LPARs) running
            orca-aixtsm-stat.pl, writing to data files on the NFS server.
          o 1/2 dozen Sun servers (various ilk, including a pair of
            v440s sharing a multi-TB disk array of 3 dozen disks)
            running SE, writing to data files on the NFS server (one of
            the half-dozen)
          o 1/2 dozen (often fewer) Windows 2000 servers running perfmon
            writing to data files on the SMB server (one of the
            half-dozen), with periodic pushes to the actual data
            directory (this needs to be fixed).
    * Orca Server
          o 1 SunFire v210 rack-mount pizzabox running Orca in daemon
            mode, processing data files every 5 minutes.
          o Server also functions as one of three redundant license
            servers (seriously low overhead)

SunFire specs (yes, I know, some of this is non-optimal) are:

    * 1GHz CPU
    * 512 MB RAM
    * Local install of Orca
    * Data source over NFS
    * RRD destination over NFS

Until my recent upgrade to build 522, there was no trouble running in 
this configuration.  Though Orca/orcallator doesn't show the v210 doing 
any NFS calls (it must be!), the NFS server's operational traffic isn't 
impacted by the orca-related writes from all the other servers.  A few 
hundred bytes every 5 minutes is nothing compared to software builds.

However, since I installed 522, the orca daemon seems to have a memory 
leak.  It got up to 160MB in a week.  Not a big deal, as I can just set 
it up to restart every so often, but still, that's a new development, I 
think.  That problem is not related to the architecture, but it's also 
something you wouldn't see unless you run Orca in daemon mode.


Paul Porcelli wrote:

>Hi folks,
>We have been using Orca and the Se Toolkit on our Solaris servers for a
>few months.
>We update the Orca plots first thing in the morning with 2 one off runs
>using the -o option.
>We have one config file for the standard plots and another config file
>for workload plots.
>I was wondering how others are using it.
>Are any of you running it with more recent updates e.g every 30 mins or
>so ?
>If so, are your running it on a dedicated server ? 
>If not, how detrimental is the effect on server performance ?
>Would it be possible to have it running in an almost real time updating
>capacity ?
>Thanks a lot for any info/advice.
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