[Orca-users] data not displayed on plot

Attila Mezei-Horvati attila_mh at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 13:58:55 PST 2006

Hello All,

I  am trying to create a  configuration file for some  performance metrics for an application. The metrics is extracted from the apache log file. 

I have two information I would like to see on the plot. One is the service time and other is request time. In the apache log I have something like this:

(col description: ID, Type, Timestamp, Duration )

Since they are not executing at the same time I created my orca log file as:
timestamp, reqprc, service

In order to ignore the -1 I have set min_data to 0.  The plot looks like this:
data            service_am_fbpk
data            reqprc_am_fbpk
color            00ff00
color            0000ff
line_type        LINE1
line_type        LINE2
legend            Service Processing
legend            Request Processing
y_legend        Seconds

data_min        0
data_max        100000000

My problem is that only one line is visible - the second one (Request Processing).
I cannot figure it out why. Would anybody have any idea?


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