[Orca-users] Installing Orca 0.27 and Procollator on Linux

Kai 'wusel' Siering wusel+yahoo at uu.org
Sun Jun 18 15:18:32 PDT 2006

csarid wrote:

> Another question.. is the idea to run procollator on linux to collect 
> the data and run all the reporting from a solaris system running 
> orcallator?

I wouldn't do this unless Sun comes up with competitive CPUs again ...
I'm running the Orca backend for some hundred Solaris- and Linux-
machines on a Dual Xeon (HT enabled); beware that you'll need vast
amounts of I/O performance as well as decent computing powers.

>     installed the Orca-0.27 which compiled correctly correctly. However,
>     I am still a bit confused about using the software. The Orca INSTALL
>     instructions indicate that I should start the orcallator.se on all
>     the hosts yet other documentation and suggestions on the web
>     indicate that I don't need anything else besides the
>     procollator.

You need the data gatherers on each host (Solaris, Linux, ...), you need
a means to make the proccol-*/procallator-*-files from each host availabe
at you central Orca server where you will need to install and run the "orca"
perl-script with the appropriate *.cfg file. I think in "INSTALL" the part
"2) Configure Orca." covers the installation of the main parts of the orca
backend stuff. Regards,

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