[Orca-users] Installing Orca 0.27 and Procollator on Linux

Kai 'wusel' Siering wusel+yahoo at uu.org
Sun Jun 18 19:03:18 PDT 2006

Ian Holsman wrote:

> I'm doing the same thing as you, and am frankly frustrated at the amount
> of I/O required by RRD.
> have you got any specific tuning tips on how to set up the backend  
> machine(s)?
> and what you have found works?

Since I have a similar problem like you have, that is I haven't got the time,
I just went the "throw hardware in"-route: Orca utilizes currently a slice of
an high performance storage array (HDS/Sun 9980). For new deployments I'd use
Dual Dual-Core Opterons (e. g. HP DL-385, Sun X4200 -- take your pick ;)),
since Quad-(Singel-Core-)Opterons worked well (but were quite expensive) and
Dual Dual-Core gave quite an advantage to Dual Single-Core HT-Xeons (which
was not surprising). OS: RHEL 3 or 4, x86 or x86_64.


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