[Orca-users] orca re-processing older files

McCoy, Leo leo.mccoy at kbm1.com
Thu Mar 16 07:06:33 PST 2006

I had this same problem and now move all except the most recent three days to an archive directory.  

It doesn't appear to affect graphs (since the data is stored in the rrd files).

I have about 70 solaris hosts running orca for up to about 18 months total now.  It puts about a 20% CPU load on a four CPU v880 and takes about an hour to go through a cycle to update the graphs.

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> Orca tries to be pretty smart about not re-reading
> files it's already read.  It 
> keeps track of the timestamp and size of the file,
> so if neither of these 
> change, it shouldn't reread the whole thing.
> It will read the first line of the file to learn
> which columns it has though.
> Are you seeing noticable slowdown because of this?

I am running Orca on some of the servers since October
2004. At this point even if I add one day worth of
logs I need to wait hours to have Orca finished. I am
transferring files with rsync which as I know does not
change the timestamp or size. It just uploads the
differences which is usually the new file. I can see
in the log that orca reads through every file:

Read   288 data points from
  Read   288 data points from

Since it reads only 288 data points I would guess that
indeed it reads only the first lines. Maybe I should
not keep all the logs in that place? I am just worried
the graphs would change if I remove older files.


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