[Orca-users] Script to generate point in time Orca graphs

Mark Stoltzfus mark.stoltzfus at pmigroup.com
Fri Mar 17 17:39:03 PST 2006

I forgot to mention this earlier, it shows the actual data, and for this
reason it requires access to the original orca data files, since RRD by
nature only keeps aggregates.  It also requires a second cfg file to
point to another set of rrd/html/data directories, so that it doesn't
step on your other orca files.







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I'd be interested in it if it shows the actual data from that time and
not the averaged data.  For instance, if I put in the begin and end
dates for 7 Mar, 00:01 - 23:59 (or Mar 7 - Mar 8), will it show me the
actual data for that day or would it be the averaged data for that time
period.  I ask because I don't know how the data is stored in rrd.




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	Mark Stoltzfus wrote: 

	All, it's been a while since I've been on the Orca list, so I
don't know if anyone else has come up with something for this (google
didn't yield anything interesting).  I've written a short perl script to
generate point-in-time orca graphs, and I'm wondering if there's enough
interest in this for me to check it into the subversion repository.

	An example:

	# ./orca_pit.pl

	usage: orca_pit.pl [-u] [-p] -h <host> -b <begin> -e <end>

	        Unless the -u option is used, begin and end times should

	        be of the format:

	        mm/dd/yy[yy] hh:mm:ss

	        hh:mm:ss is optional, but if included, should be

	        in quotes with rest of the date.

	        -h Name of host to graph.

	        -b Beginning of time to graph.

	        -e Ending of time to graph.

	        -u Use seconds since the epoch instead of the standard
Date format.

	        -p Preserve old rrd files (default is to remove).


	$ orca_pit.pl -h host -b '05/22/2005 08:30:00' -e '05/23/2005'

	$ orca_pit.pl -p -u -h host -b 1116775800 -e 1116872100





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