[Orca-users] SE Toolkit 3.4 - segmentation fault

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Fri Mar 24 10:59:08 PST 2006

Stefan.Schuster at dzi.lu wrote:
> Helle All,
> I got a segmetation fault, starting SETool components (monlog, percol,vader, va_monitor). 
> Using: Solaris 10. US IV+ (new 1,5 GHz) CPU, Veritas VxVM 4.1; Sun Cluster 3.1, SE Toolkit 3.4.
> It´s also not possible to start orcallator (segmentation fault!!), but in SE Toolkit 3.4 it´s not the old
> problem with "USE_RAW.........".
> Anybody have an idea to solve this problem???

What rev of orcallator.se are you using and what rev of Orca itself are 
you using?

If you're using Orca 0.27, you need to grab the latest snapshot instead.

If you're using orcallator.se 1.37 or earlier, you need to grab the 
latest snapshot, and extract the orcallator.se from it.

If you're using new stuff, but still seg faulting, that's a new problem, 
and we'll need more info (cut&paste some errors, for example).

--Dragon, nemo omnibus horis sapit

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